This truly unique inflatable shape elevates the experience of the traditional SHOSU Ride Roll. Embrace a complete body experience by surrounding yourself in your own vinyl dream.

Remember … the pleasure is all for “U”

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For solo enjoyment, straddle the “U” like a saddle and feel the material evenly cradle and conform to your nether regions with intense, balanced pressure. As you sink, feel the two towering rolls squeeze your front and back as they enclose against you.

Now, lay down with a U-Roll leg beneath your back and feet balancing you on the floor. Tightly squeeze and hug the roll above you and feel the counteracting pressure from beneath gently lift your body upward. Embrace your dominant side by climbing atop both U-Roll legs and let the soft, supple material squeeze, press, and rub for that ultra-sexy *squeak*.

Couple play multiplies the intensity as your partner assists with pressure applied anywhere you want it with many positions for pressing, bouncing, and riding.

We also added extra softness (58Pe), which will make these amongst the softest toys we have ever made.
And maybe you’ll find other great ways to play with the U-Roll. You are welcome to tell us your story after you have tried the it. We wish you a lot of fun!



Available colours:  Opaque red, translucent blue, transparent clear and soft touch pink
Inflated size: 205cm/81inch and each leg has a diameter of 55cm/22inch
Thickness: 0.25mm
Softness: 58Pe
Print: Custom U-Roll art work on both short sides of the legs
Seams: Double width seams that are 300% stronger than our Gen1 Ride Rolls. Negative seams where possible


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Weight 2,2 kg

Red, Blue, Soft Touch Pink, Transparent, Black

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