Little over a year ago we’ve introduced to you the cheapest SPH balls on the market. A big step for the inflatable community and sold out very fast. This year our highly anticipated SPH beach ball is back and improved with your feedback.

The new arrivals are made of a custom developed 0.3mm PVC material with increased softness (58Pe) and elasticity to further enhance the experience. And of course, we have prepared the best SPH for this toy with a softer (60Pe) inner tube and a PVC thickness of 0.25mm.

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Size: 90cm/35” inflated diameter
Thickness: 0,3 mm PVC with 58Pe softness
Strategically placed hole: Fourth generation SPH that can be either inflated with air or filled with warm water for an even more mind-blowing sensation. SPH has a double-action valve so it’s easy to inflate, deflate and clean. Thinner (0,25mm) and softer (60Pe) inner tube.
Material certification: CE/EN71
Panels: 8 panel ball
Quality control: 48-hour inflation test of each piece
Seams: Improved seam quality. Negative seams where possible
Includes: Ring shaped stand for display or storage while inflated

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