SHOSU Ride Roll with SPH


This is without a doubt our most anticipated product ever!
Never have we received more requests to make smaller Ride Rolls and Ride Rolls equipped with our SPH. 

We are combining two of our signature products, the Ride Roll and our SPH with separate air chamber. We are also adding extra softness (58Pe), which will make these the softest toys we have ever made. 

Two sizes available in 4 colors:
RR500 170 x 60 (inflated size)
RR700 200 x 90 (inflated size)

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Available colours:  Opaque red, translucent blue, transparent clear and our signature soft touch pink
SPH: Gen3 (fill it with air or warm water)
Thickness: 0.25mm thickness
Softness: 58Pe
Print: SHOSU text logo on one side (printed on the inside with transparent clear material)
Seams: Double width seams that are 300% stronger than our Gen1 Ride Rolls. Negative seams where possible

Additional information

Weight N/A
RR500 / RR700

Ride Roll 500, Ride Roll 700


Red, Blue, Soft Touch Pink, Transparent, Black, Hearts print