TTR x SHOSU Noir Beach Ball


We are bringing perfection to a whole new level!

The design of the Noir Beach Ball lends itself to being enjoyed in the bedroom. The rich dark colors and sparkling golden lace print is sophisticated and tempting. The signature Boobie art, created by Kevin W, turns from teasing to naughty in an instant – just turn the ball and look inside. Yes, Boobie looks gorgeous in her golden dress, but you won’t mind seeing her without it, right?



A heightened level of tactile experience is provided by a new type of 0,3mm PVC material with increased softness and elasticity (58Pe). All graphic elements, with the exception of the external Boobie art, is printed on the inner side of ball so it stays scratch-proof and maintains the smoothness of the overall surface. Love from first touch is what the Noir Beach Ball is all about!

Noir Beach Ball is 35’’/90cm inflated – Slightly smaller (10cm) than its predecessor. It’s a more convenient size for comfortable riding, laying and sensual movements.

The inflatable SPH is located on the lower pole of the Noir Beach Ball. This premium toy calls for the best possible SPH. That’s why it’s the first toy release that features our fourth generation SPH. In addition to all the previous improvements we’ve made, the fourth gen SPH has a thinner (0,25mm) and softer (60Pe) inner tube for the best SPH experience you have ever had!

Every Noir Beach Ball comes in a premium matte black box with a special design created by TTR. You’ll be glad to store your new toy in it! Of course, postal packaging is always discreet.

Available colors: dark red and dark purple
Size: 90cm/35” inflated diameter
Thickness: 0,3 mm PVC with 58Pe softness
Strategically placed hole: Fourth generation SPH that can be either inflated with air or filled with warm water for an even more mind-blowing sensation. SPH has a double-action valve so it’s easy to inflate, deflate and clean. Thinner (0,25mm) and softer (60Pe) inner tube.
Material certification: CE/EN71
Panels: 8 panel ball
Quality control: 48-hour inflation test of each piece
Print: Custom Dakimakura artwork UV print on the inside of the toy
Seams: Improved seam quality. Negative seams where possible
Includes: Ring shaped stand for display or storage while inflated

Additional information

Weight 1,7 kg

Red, Purple