Naughty Boobie RR500



Boobie snuck into our warehouse and tried to do naughty things with our clear Ride Roll RR500! But we were ready – Boobie was captured right on the crime scene and trapped in the inflatable that she was playing with! Don’t let that naughty girl escape, keep squeezing her into the tightly inflated vinyl!

Meet the fourth collaboration with ThirtyThreeRoomslimited edition Naughty Boobie Ride Roll RR500! It’s our bestselling medium sized inflatable with a special full color kinky print of topless Boobie “squeezed” into the Ride Roll. She loves watching you riding this 170cm toy right on her – and we bet that you will love her being under you and making your riding even more exciting!

Got a bit sweaty? No worries – an exclusive towel with the same print comes along with every Naughty Boobie Ride Roll RR500. You’d better not take it to the pool!

As for the technical side – these Ride Rolls are made of 0,25mm clear PVC film with increased softness. They have wide and convenient double-action valve. The factory carried out an extended quality control to meet our requirements and to provide you the flawless toy that will serve you long.

This Ride Roll comes in special box designed by TTR. The outer postal box is absolutely discreet.

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Available colours:  transparent clear
Inflated size: 170cm/76inch and each leg has a diameter of 60cm/24inch
Thickness: 0.25mm
Softness: 58Pe
Print: Custom Dakimakura art work UV print on the inside of the toy
Seams: Double width seams that are 300% stronger than our Gen1 Ride Rolls. Negative seams where possible

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Weight 1,3 kg

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