Rainbow Pride Beach Ball

We want our products to be for everyone, so this is the first set of beach balls where you can choose whether you want an SPH or not!

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This truly unique inflatable shape elevates the experience of the traditional SHOSU Ride Roll. Embrace a complete body experience by surrounding yourself in your own vinyl dream.

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SHOSU Amsterdam – Inflatable toys

Hi there, we’re SHOSU Amsterdam, and we make unique products for inflatable enthusiasts! We’re running a webshop since 2020 where you can buy all our inflatable creations. And although it might look like we’re new in the business, we’ve actually been making inflatables for the festival industry for many years!

Our mission is to seek for added value within this community, so we try to do either:

  • Make an existing product better, more affordable, and preferably both.
  • Make an entirely new product, which is not yet available.

What makes SHOSU unique

Discreet worldwide delivery

Discretion is top priority. We will ensure that your package is delivered as discreetly as possible. Don’t worry about boxes printed with the SHOSU mark. Your box contains no references to SHOSU.

Softest inflatable on the market

We like our inflatables as soft as possible! If an inflatable needs thicker PVC for extra strength, we add extra softness to compensate for the thicker material.

The king of SPH’s

Our SPH’s have been improved over the years for maximum pleasure. The softer inner tube gives you that mind blowing sensation and it has a dual-action one-way valve! So either you add pressure by putting in air or you can add temperature to the SPH by putting in warm water.

Always open for ideas

Your feedback matters! It has improved the quality of our products many times.

Do you have feedback on a product or do you have a brand new product idea? Let us know by sending an email to shop@shosu.nl