Results of our 2021 survey

Dear SHOSU Friends, we would like to thank you so much for responding to our recent survey. We have seen all your suggestions and feedback and we would like to comment on some of them in this part of our newsletter.

Congratulations to the winners of the €50 product vouchers, they have already been contacted.

5 things you are happy with

Personal interaction

You have given our personal interaction an 8.9 out of 10! It has become very clear to us that you love the personal way we interact with you. The feeling is mutual! We love interacting with our friends!

Limited editions

A lot of you told us that you love our limited-edition inflatables, we promise to make even more for all the SHOSU collectors out there.

Price-quality ratio

You have rated our price-quality ratio an 8.6 out of 10! We are happy to hear that you think that the products match their respective prices. We strive to make our products EVEN better in the future with of course: SPH and great designs for a fair price.

Social Media

You have given our social media an 8.5 out of 10! We are happy to hear you are enjoying the model we are using in the posts; we have also seen that you are enjoying being notified of various things like new products and sales. We are planning on making our social media posts even better with more models to appeal to every single one of you, we will of course also still keep you updated on various SHOSU news!


96% of you read the various SHOSU e-mails we send to you; we are so happy to hear we are reaching so many of you! You have said that you enjoy the news we share through the e-mails and that a lot of you are happy that they can place pre-orders through them. We promise to continue sending you these e-mails so that like with the social media, you’re always up to date on SHOSU!

5 things we can do better in the future

Our products

We are happy to hear that you love our products, however we are planning on developing even more inflatables for you and we have heard your suggestions! First off, we will introduce the Ride Roll with SPH, something you massively requested in the survey. We are also working on using an even softer material for our future inflatables, something you have requested as well.

Shipping costs 

Shipping can be expensive, there is sadly no easy way to completely fix this. It’s not just the shipping rate. It’s also the costs for the use of the shipping platform, the storage, the box, and the fulfilment. However, we really want to lower them as much as possible for you, which is why have a coupon you can use if you’re in the EU or UK.

If your total order is over €100 and you are shipping to the EU and UK, the shipping will be completely free!
Please use coupon code FreeShippingInEUandUKover100 when you’re in the checkout.
If you live outside the EU, please be patient, we are working on a suitable solution.

Discount deals

We can’t spoil too much yet but we plan on having discount deals on certain holidays so you can get that inflatable for yourself or someone else!


Some of our products go out of stock more easily than others, in the future we will make sure that everyone gets a chance to buy their favourite SHOSU products.


Sometimes, a pre-order can take longer to arrive and that is of course not what should happen with a pre-order. From now on we promise to ship pre-orders within two months or less from the day you purchased them.