SHOSU Squeezer


The Squeezer: an inflatable that hugs you back

The Squeezer is a life size tube with an SPH and comes in 3 colours: transparent, translucent red and purple. Squeeze yourself into it, inflate it as tight as you like and enjoy unlimited hugs.

We offer the Squeezer in a very limited number of 80 pieces. To give everyone a fair chance, you can only buy 1 squeezer per person.

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Shipping: Reduced shipping rate (NL €9, EU+UK €29, Rest of the world €59)
Available colors: Transparent, translucent red and translucent purple
Size: 170cm length and a diameter of 160cm
Thickness: 0,3 mm PVC with 58Pe softness
Strategically placed hole: Fourth generation SPH that can be either inflated with air or filled with warm water for an even more mind-blowing sensation. SPH has a double-action valve so it’s easy to inflate, deflate and clean. Thinner (0,25mm) and softer (60Pe) inner tube.
Material certification: CE/EN71
Quality control: 48-hour inflation test of each piece
Seams: Improved seam quality. Negative seams where possible

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Weight 6.6 kg

Translucent Red, Translucent Purple, Transparent, Hearts print

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