ThirtyThreeRooms x SHOSU DIY SPH

The ThirtyThreeRooms x SHOSU DIY SPH can be put in your favourite inflatable cheap and easy way to add a love hole to literally ANY inflatable! Orca with SPH? No prob! Chipmunk with SPH? Easy! Husky with SPH? Hold my beer!

Of course, it requires some skills but if you ever patched a toy our comprehensive video tutorial will be enough to install this SPH by yourself! Also works with wide neck balloons and the Ride Rolls we sell.

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Product information
The ThirtyThreeRooms x SHOSU DIY SPH can be put in your favorite inflatable!
It has the same technical design with the adjustable air chamber as the SPH in the well know Naughty beach ball. We developed this item in close cooperation with our friends from ThirtyThreeRooms and Valentine did a tutorial on how to install it in your favorite toy.

The sizes are ±20cm deep and the connecting rim of the DIY SPH has a width of 20cm.

Shipping information
To keep shipping cost as low as possible, we will use a third party that ships once a week for orders that contain just the DIY SPH. When you combine your DIY SPH order with other items, we ship as fast as possible.

Additional information

Weight 0.075 kg

Black, Clear, Pink, White, Soft Touch Pink, Yellow, Orange

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