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FAQ about the TTR x SHOSU SPH ball

Q: What’s the size?
A: This ball has an inflated size of 100cm/40inches (134cm/60inches deflated). We picked this size as the most convenient – it’s just right for setting proper inflatable SPH (love hole) and using it in many positions. This size also suits perfectly for good softness/durability ratio.

Q: What’s it made of?
A: PVC film – 0,4mm which is durable and reliable and also includes the luxury and rarely used neon crystal in both teal and pink

Q: Who designed it?
A: The entire ball was designed for beach ball lovers from the scratch in cooperation with TTR, and two exclusively for this ball made Dakimakura pieces of Naughty Boobie were added for double action with focus on pleasure for a lifetime experience.

Q: Can you tell something about the SPH?
A: The SPH was a custom design, made with a separate inflatable chamber in order to regulate the pressure, incomparable stimulation for the ultimate fetish experience, 20 cm deep for bigger sizes and easy to clean.

Q: What about the seams?
A: The seams are subtle yet durable, mostly internal for better experience and they underwent an expanded QC.

Q: What’s the price?
A: At SHOSU and TTR we are very persistent to bring you the best value for money. Because we are making them in bulk (still very limited though at 250 pieces), we managed to lower the price from $ 299 for the current TTR SPH ball to € 149 for the new ball, and yet improve the overall quality level.

Shipping fees
We also charge decent shipping fees. We lowered the fees from $ 89 to;
In the Netherlands € 9
In the EU € 29
Outside the EU € 49

Please add fees if you’re using PayPal.

Q: Is a payment plan available?
A: Yes there is! Preorder is a down payment of € 75. You pay the remaining € 74 + shipping when we’re shipping out the orders in October/November.

Q: Any guarantee on quality?
A: Definitely! First of all, we are doing an expanded QC, And if your item has a factory flaw, you may return it and we will send you a new item.

Q: Does it come in a discreet box?
A: Yes it does. The first 50 preorders will get a luxury gift box which will be send in a double layered brown carton box with no references to SHOSU or TTR.

Q: Will other versions (size/color/without SPH) be available?
A: We read your feedback and wishes, everything is possible in the future and we might just expand the current run of 250 with some other versions if the demand is big enough.

Q: Who makes the ball?
A: A specialized factory in the PRC, which has been a reliable and approved partner, with many years of experience, very good QC and it’s not Hongyi. 

Q: Who are you?
A: Beach ball enthusiasts from Amsterdam, we have huge production and distribution experience with inflatables for many years and that’s the reason we are doing this collaboration with TTR.