Blogs & FAQ

Once in a while we will upload a blog with topics about inflatable products, questions asked by our community, and of course blogs about SHOSU Amsterdam!

Who is SHOSU Amsterdam? Get to know us!

Hi there, we’re SHOSU Amsterdam, and we make unique products for inflatable enthusiasts!  Get to know us a bit better in this blog.

How does PVC/Vinyl softness work?

A material consisting solely of polyvinyl chloride is quite stiff, and for this reason softeners (non-phthalates) are added to make it easier to handle, softer and more pliable, which makes it suitable for inflatable products like our toys. 

How does SHOSU ship their products?

We often get the same question about shipping, so we wrote this FAQ blog to help answer most relevant questions. Of course, if there are any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask and send us an email at

Results of our 2021 survey

Every year we make a survey for you to tell us what you think of SHOSU and which products you would like to see in our webshop in the future