Blog: Who is SHOSU Amsterdam? Get to know us!

Hi there, we’re SHOSU Amsterdam, and we make unique products for inflatable enthusiasts! We’re running a webshop since 2020 where you can buy all our inflatable creations. And although it might look like we’re new in the business, we’ve actually been making inflatables for the festival industry for many years! 

Last year we did an interview with Alissa from Alissa Inflatables where we told you about our company and our future plans, but we thought it would be nice to give you guys an update! You can read the full interview with Alissa from last year here.

First of all, what does ‘SHOSU’ mean?

SHOSU is short for Show Support, the name of our company. But SHOSU is not only the first three and first two letters of our company name, it also means “to deal with, to cope with” in Japanese, which we think describes what people do with our products!

Who is behind SHOSU Amsterdam?

The team that’s working for SHOSU Amsterdam consist of 4 people that run the webshop, our beautiful model Angelique, our photographer Kevin and even an intern! We all love the thing we’re doing for SHOSU and we really get that family feeling when we’re working together.

We all know each other from the festival industry and are happy that we found the possibility to still work with each other during these times. But you don’t have to worry, we won’t quit when the festivals are allowed again.

What makes SHOSU a unique company?

Our mission is to seek for added value within this community, so we try to do either:

• Make an existing product better, more affordable, and preferably both.
• Make an entirely new product, which is not yet available. 

Another strong side is that we really try to listen to the people of the community. Hence the product development advisory panel, which consists of ten very experienced people from the community. In our latest survey you guys gave us an 8.9 out of 10 for the interaction with our customers. Of course, we’re super happy with that result!

Which inflatable products can I buy at

We started our webshop with a bunch of big beach balls and recently updated our shop with a fully unique new collection!

These beach balls are upgraded according to the feedback the community gave in our first survey, so they are slightly smaller for better handling and the designs are chosen by our community.

The next product is definitely the most popular inflatable of our webshop. We’ve made a product that’s based on the Cattex GL balloon series, but made of PVC.

This product is where balloons meets inflatables. It became an instant hit and that’s why we’ve made a bunch of varieties and you can expect even more this year.

Another product that makes SHOSU unique is the DIY SPH we’ve made in collaboration with Thirty Three Rooms. It gives you the opportunity to modify your favorite inflatable toy with a strategically placed hole to enjoy your toy even more! But what if you don’t want to put it in a toy and just use it right away? That’s exactly where our Tube is made for! It doesn’t take up a lot of space, so you can take it anywhere you go.

What can I expect from SHOSU in the future?

We get a lot of questions like; are you going to make dragons, whales, et cetera. Well, we won’t. That’s the playing field of others who are doing a good job as it is.

It doesn’t mean we won’t make any inflatable animals! We are in fact working on a design of an exclusive inflatable ride-on animal that fits our current collection, but haven’t planned on making it yet. So that would probably be a thing for the future of SHOSU Amsterdam! 

Are there any collaborations coming up?

Yes! After the Naughty Beach Ball and DIY ‘Strategically Placed Hole’ collab with ThirtyThreeRooms, we decided to do another collab very soon. We got a lot of positive response on Naughty Boobie, the lovely girl that is printed on the SPH beachball, and that’s why we’ve decided to make a new product of her! Stay tuned for that one.

But TTR is not the only collaboration that’s coming up. Even sooner we’re teaming up with HorseplayToys for an exciting ride roll collection! We are grateful that we’re doing a collab with Horseplay, because we’ve been a big fan of their products and their artwork for a while now. You can see that there goes a lot of talent in their creations. 

That’s SHOSU Amsterdam in a nutshell! If any question pops up, feel free to send us an email at

Date: August 26, 2021